You gave me half of your heart
but I wanted it whole.
You loved me
but not the way I wanted you to.
You were happy
and I was, too.

That's what I thought.

We talked.
We spent hours talking and laughing.
It felt like everything was the same.
When in fact,
we both know things have really changed.

I wanted to tell you things
I should've told you before.
I wanted to tell you
that I've grown tired from wandering,
hoping to find the pieces of myself.

But then, I didn't tell you still.

We were caught up 
by how perfect everything is.
Maybe we're just in love
with the idea of being together.
But in reality,
we were bound to meet but that ends there.

And it ended there— it ended that way.

She is in her cloud of confusion;
Thoughts baffled inside her head
Not minding what the time is
Only memories she cannot forget.

And she sighed and wept
for what things she couldn't have.
Every dream she hoped for,
and every time
she long inside for something more.

During these moments,
she wanted so desperately to leave
—to be home.
She wanted to be left alone
—with nothing than her thoughts
about all that could have been.


Au revoir

I can never forget
The first time you looked at me,
Overwhelming as it seems
Yet, it feels new;
How surreal it is
 every time I was with you.

Butterflies, butterflies
It was the most exciting feeling 
you have given me;
You gave me the love
But not much more than I think I deserve.

But then, it was the timing
that felt wrong
We are meant to spend good time together;
That is everything we had that
felt so right.

You left me
without having the courage of saying goodbye
I never really asked you to stay
Because I thought you would never leave
And the mere fact
of you being out of my life
hurts so much.

"Is this love I am feeling?"
I always ask myself.
But it feels like
I am not there yet;
I feel like
it is just in the mind
and not in the heart–
you are invading.

The thought convinced me;
I may not be
really in love with you yet.
We're too young;
Too young to know what love is;
Too immature to explain such things.

And I know that
It was just a fleeting feeling.
We still have a lot to learn;
And the world has a lot to offer.
Until then
think both ways;
Life isn't always the way it should be.
It'll take some time to get over you,
But we'll probably meet our other half.

Til next, goodbye.