Re: Depression


Did you once ask yourself, why do people get sad? Or it may be, why am I sad? When you ask yourself that question, what do you feel? When people tell you that they’re sad, what do you do? Do you cheer them up? Do you make fun of them? Do you make them feel sad even more? Do you remember what you did? Sit down and think.

Depression. What do you think is the meaning of this word? Hear me out. Depression is something people wouldn’t want to have—it’s a disease and it is not JUST a made-up word. Some people would think that it is something trivial or unimportant— something you can simply joke about. Well, news flash: It’s not. It’s an illness & many people try to dismiss the signs because of the stigma that comes with the sickness. It is not easy to deal with something that only you can fully understand. It isn’t easy to try and help people when they don’t trust you because they are scared and anxious that you might just be one of those people who think mental illness is “all in the head”.

This apparently is the representation of a depressed person’s mind.



Depression is a sad and hard topic but it must be talked about. In fact, there are famous people who battled depression—according to One example is a Disney actress and singer Demi Lovato. She had been into a treatment facility for “emotional and physical issues” back in 2010. After all that, she came back with life back under control and revealed to people that she suffered from anorexia, bulimia, and bipolar disorder . She once said, and I quote, “For me, I suffered a lot with bipolar depression, which is not talked about. And, I wish people knew it wasn’t as easy as just becoming happy.”

People who invalidate others’ feelings is a part of why depression exists—they invalidate people’s feelings because its not something they have to deal with. When people ask you if you’re okay, you can’t even say a single thing because you’re afraid of being a burden and you’d rather keep the sadness inside. I remember reading somewhere—”Feeling not okay is part of being human.” and I don’t know what about that simple statement made me feel relieved again. It’s okay to be sad at times, but never let yourself drown in your own misery.

So bottom line is, before we dismiss people’s feelings and opinions, we should try to understand where they are coming from. Because basically, depressed people don’t need attention, the most you can do is understand. You see, depression isn’t something you’d laugh at. It is a serious matter which people don’t tend to realize.

Don’t wait for someone you love to succumb to depression before you acknowledge the reality. Be the voice of reason. MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT.

You, the one reading this. You matter. Your feelings matter. You’re doing amazing in braving through your struggles. You got this. 😉