The Sunday Currently | 01

What is up, you guys! It’s me again! So I’m gonna stop writing my not-so-active blog entries abt “Saturday Current Doings” and I decided to stick with the original one which is The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton. 

Anyways, it’s been a while. Things changed—for me. I haven’t even fixed the About Me section and I do know I have a lot of things to fix here. It’s already June, how time flies so fast. I still remember me getting pissed last month—May 15, birthday, UGH!!! Buuut, lets not talk about that.



This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith and I am loving it so far! I’m still halfway through tho. So let’s talk about that after I finish the book or maybe some other time. 


The Sunday Currently vol 1. I’m not supposed to write something and my plan was to spend time with my readings but my fingers were itching to work that’s why I came up with this one since it’s also a Sunday. Lol


You First Believed by Hoku and it is my favorite song as of the moment. The song’s too good for my ears! I’ve been listening to it since morning and I actually thought the title’s It Was You duh because that’s what I heard first so don’t judge hahahaha!


None. I am not into watching during weekends. However, earlier, I watched some vlogs of itsjudyslife because why the heck not? I mean, I just love them, yep.


of the things I should do tomorrow. Not that much because I haven’t even planned anything yet. Maybe I’ll just lay down in bed tomorrow orrrr, lay down in bed. Great plan, great plan.


pizza or am I just hallucinating or am I hungry?


things to get better. Bright and positive life, people! We all need that. (Well, say that to yourself, self.)


the usual pambahay, an orange sleeveless top and black shorts.


for new books! But who am I kidding, I still have two books that I haven’t even read yet. They’re just stuck on my drawer. But seriously though, I’m spending a lot because of books so I should blame NBS (joke hahahaha!) Books are always a go-go!!


the Primadonna slip-ons that my tita bought for me. It’s color black and it has some snake skin prints on it. Yayyy! Thank you for the late birthday gift, ate Mayet! ❤


a hot compress because I am currently having dysmenorrhea and my back hurts so much. It’s so hard to be a girl, ‘ya know!!!


sick. Maybe because it’s that time of the month where everyone pisses me off and I feel like my body’s down. And yeah, I have a sneeze huhuhu greaaat.

So that’s it! It’s already past 10 and I should be sleeping now but I don’t know, I don’t wanna sleep yet. ‘Ya know me, social media and ebreteng. Anyways, hope y’all had a great weekend! You can still spend time with your family or friends or someone else because tomorrow’s a holiday. Yayyy for long weekends!

And I would like to honor the founder of The Sunday Currently feature, siddathornton. You guys should also join the bandwagon! It’s fun, actually.

Be happy! —me to self.


Birthday Blues

So today’s my birthday. The word birthday itself comes with a lot of expectations and such. I don’t know why but I’m not expecting much; I didn’t expect much. I woke up today feeling lonely, a little blue or should I say, I’m getting birthday blues today. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful for everything that’s happening. I don’t want extravagant gifts, but what I’d really love is a birthday present that had some real thought put behind it, rather than something that was bought in the sales is a bit of an afterthought. But, it’s still not about the gifts, I feel sad and don’t judge me but I seriously am crying since I woke up and I don’t know the reason.

I am not sorry to say that yes, I am sad and I can’t answer why so don’t ask. Do even people realize that it has been a whole year and we haven’t talked and today you give me wishes on the name of bloody formality. Every year, same story and with each birthday, today actually felt worse, not because I don’t like getting old, which I surprisingly love, but it was just something else.

Deeply,  I would wish for this day to never exist or I just don’t want to be depressed again. I kept pushing myself in my head, it is just a normal day. People around me are trying to make me happy today just because it is my special day. Glad I still feel loved, after all.

I usually had my thought about birthdays and that is, birthdays are celebrated because the people around you are grateful that you’re here. But to think of it, I’m already legalized(?) I’m already 18 and I don’t feel like it. Lol. Still, thanks for the greetings you guys, please do take note that I know the real ones and I know the fake ones and for that, I’m still glad you spend seconds of your time typing happy birthday to me.

Anywaaaaays, happy 18th, self. (Ang saya sa picture, dibuh)

18, ew.

A Letter to Myself

To start of with, I am so proud of you. Life hasn’t been too easy on you lately, and things must’ve been hard for you to accept but despite it all, you have managed to live and continue fighting throughout.

There are so many things to be proud of; everything you have gone through, mostly, what you’ve become today.

Always remember that everything will make sense to you one day. Stop being so hard on yourself. I am sure that everything you do is truly worthwhile and as you always, always believe,everything happens for a reason. Everything will fall into place so be patient and trust yourself in everything you do. All the expectations in your head, let go of it all. Accept what reality has to offer; accept life for what it is.

Try not to let others get you down. Don’t take everything so personally. Most of the time, things have nothing to do with you so don’t mind worrying about it all. When people say something that would hurt your feelings, because you truly are a sensitive one, try to understand their side. What remains in the past, remains in the past. Not everything or not everyone is worth forgiving but always see how things roll in life and think about forgiving people even just for a little while.

Everybody’s not perfect, you should know that. But you are perfect—in a very beautiful way, especially  with your flaws. Accept the things that makes you different from others. You are unique, yes you are.

Even though you are broken, I know that you are stronger than anything that has tried to let you down. You’re really not broken as you think you are. You are a survivor in this world full of problems that people meet everyday. So with that, do not be so hard on yourself, we both know you’re doing everything that’ll make the most of it all.

Make the most of it all. Never let anyone get in way of your goals. Never ever give up on your hopes, your passions, your dreams. I know you can pursue it all. Always, always remember that someday you will discover what you are truly meant for in this world. Stop wasting time on people who do not believe in anything you can. Surround yourself with people who encourage and inspire you to be the best person you can be.

You are enough. You deserve everything; you deserve the world. You are beautiful. You are all. At the end of the day, all the things you do are the things that makes yourself a better being. Stop worrying too much.

Do not look for love. I mean, there is so much more to you than being someone else’s girlfriend. Frankly speaking, there is so much more to life than a guy. I know that you never experienced being in a relationship but always stay positive while waiting for love. You’re still young. Just because you have not found love yet, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be loved.

Be a good friend, be kind yo your family. Be selfless; do not think about yourself too much. But you should know that you have to love yourself first to be able to help other people.

You have been through a lot, we both know that. The world has tried to break you, even the person you didn’t know they’d do, but you never let them destroy what you’ve become. You are so strong, my dear. Thank the people in your past, for they have made you a stronger and better person today.

People will leave you. Not everyone in this world is meant to stay forever. Well, there will be some who would stay but always be ready for what life could do. Some will disappoint you, all you have to do is appreciate them for what they have taught you. Thank the people who have stayed. And as for the ones who have gone, you’re the one who knows what to do with them.

Thank you for everything you have taught yourself. Thank you for never giving up and being so tough despite the hard problems you’re getting yourself into. Stay strong, dear. You know you deserve better.

I am so proud of you.

20 Facts About Me

IMG_20151118_064952.JPG Seriously, who would have thought that thinking of 20 facts about yourself could be so hard? It actually took me a week just to fill this list up! Well, this is my way for you guys to get to know me more. Enjoy! =)

  1. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been wanting to be a Fashion Designer up until now. But Mom wouldn’t let me study in far places so yeah, goodbye little dream!
  2. My favourite color is Blue.
  3. I don’t like sharing my music/ playing it out loud in public.
  4. I’m an Arianator and also a Swiftie. OMG! Ariana and Taylor! So love their songs!
  5. Countries that I love: France, Korea, Japan, London, New York, Singapore & Greece.
  6. I’m not really a sporty person. I don’t do sports cause I suck.
  7. I only know 4 chords on the guitar. I wanted to learn, but I’m okay with my learnings, I always say. Frustrated guitarist here!
  8. Sometimes, I just stare at people with no apparent reason butI don’t like people staring at me ’cause I feel embarrassed.
  9. I’m a very picky reader.
  10. I was born on May 15, 1999. And yeah, currently 16 y/o.
  11. I love the beach and the city, and also historic places.
  12. I’m either, lightweight and sensitive or a tough cookie.
  13. I also wanted to be a professional photographer someday but my skills are for newbies. XxXxXx
  14. Whenever I finished eating sweets, I always craved for sour foods. What a tongue! Hahaha.
  15. Oh look, we’ve reached my favourite number!
  16. I’m addicted to potatoes.
  17. I’m so confused whether or not I’m childish or a bit mature for my age.
  18. I LOVE to sing but the thing is, my voice is creepy. LOL.
  19. I get awkward easily.
  20. My favourite movie so far is Big Hero 6. What a kiddo! Haha!

I’m that weird, aren’t I? Forgive me. Lols. I apologize for the low quality photo. Hihi. Love you guys! xx