About Me


Ara Jammel Dalit Puzon

          Hey there! What brings you here? Visitor or stalker? Lol, just kidding! Well, I don’t really know how to tell you the facts about me just because, I don’t know? I find it very hard to tell you stuffs about myself because the result may sound like I’m a little humble or cocky. For me, there’s nobody that knows me better than myself and all the qualities I have whether it’s “good” or “not so good” or “bad” kind.

         Okay, this is just like the “introduce-yourself -infront-of-the-class” thingy but the difference now is that, I’m introducing myself to random and unknown people in the social world. (I guess?Haha)

         Okay, so you already know my name. What else? Uhm, my birthday’s on the 15th of May 1999 (Raise your hands 90s people!) I was born in the Philippines at the province of Castillejos, Zambales.  Only child but not spoiled, fyi. Optimist and pessimist at the same time (How is that?) And, that’s all I can say for now nevertheless other personal stuffs.

I’m not good at giving advice to other people that I do not personally know but I’m sure I’ll help that out. I’m open for questions and stuffs if you have one. Contact me up!


I exist.


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