Yes, she liked you.

She still search for you in crowds. She always wonder how a guy like you captured her heart. She kept her love at a safe distance because saying it out loud might scare you away. She still have doubts, yes. For every night she close her eyes and long inside for something more. Something she doesn’t think she can pursue. And that is, having you.

You are her world. She drew you in her world; she draw you all the time. You have that something in you that always makes her heart skip-a-beat. She dreamed of you. She dreamed of having you. She used to think she couldn’t go a day without your smile. Without hearing your voice and seeing your face. She likes you, yes she does.

For years she have seen you as the most precious thing that happened. But hearing the news, poached her heart. The certain feeling of being broken. Yes, you aren’t hers. That makes the situation more complicated. You are now with someone. Oh how her heart breaks hearing that phrase; how her tears fall hearing that phrase.

She liked you. Out of all these, all she could think of was “I did not know love until I met you.”. She does not know what love is, but always gets sad knowing that you weren’t really hers. You are all and now you were none; you are worth it but not to her. How could someone stop her for liking you? How could fate do this kind of spell? And yes, she knew that your presence might be nothing to her now.

Acceptance. Sometimes we want what we couldn’t —sometimes we love who we couldn’t. The timing is irrelevant. She had so much to figure out back then. You didn’t see her; you didn’t notice her. She was inivisible and I guess by now, she already moved on, with her feelings with her. She learned so much.

Yes, she liked you.


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