What I’ve Learned About Life So Far


            I’ve had some incredible life experiences and a worst one, actually. A 16-year-old girl with weird habits and such beliefs thinks that she have learned many things about life despite her young age. I’ve experienced different scenarios. If it’s up and down you say? A roller coaster ride? Well, that’s a big check on the list! It’s been a pretty wild ride! Scrolling some blog ideas, I thought I’d share things I’ve learned over my 16 years:

  • No one is perfect.

We all know that but we cannot change the fact that too many people wants to be perfect and consider themselves as one. No matter how great or enlightened people are, they’re still human. Always try to accept things that are much more worthy than complaining.

  • Always be positive! 

Though I don’t really think that the phrase is quite effective for me. I am much like an optimist-pessimist kind of person where  in different situations, I am both positive and negative. Well, It’s kind of hard to explain. We all know that life isn’t that easy but as much as possible, try to be positive and not worry things too much. Always remember that we’ll get through!

  • Karma is real. 

This is kind of awkward but this is true base on my experiences.  I’ve seen it happen way too often personally and for friends. If you give more, you’ll get more.

  • Try and try until you reach the goal!

Better not give up on anything unless there’s no reason for you to do it. But like ‘some people’ say “There’s always a reason for trying.”  Always always always do what you have to do and get high hopes! You’ll never know, it’ll all be worthy in the end.

  • No one knows yourself better than you.

I’ve learned that you don’t have to be someone just to be liked by others, unless you want to, you know the bad and good things in you and obviously,you’re the only one who’ll accept your flaws in the first place. Some people told me things that were flat out wrong, while others told me things that made sense. It was up to me to choose who and what to listen to and decide what course of action to take.

  • Gratitude is the key to someone’s happiness.

Always be grateful for what you have; no matter how bad things seem, there’s always someone who has it worse. Remember that “Gratitude is an attitude!”.

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Back then, I always stick on the things I have and it’s kind of boring. Always be ready for adventures and as all my friends always say, “Wag kang KJ!” or kill joy to make it specific. Hahahaha! Don’t be afraid to explore things in this world even though it’ll change ‘other’ beliefs that you have in life.

  • Working hard doesn’t always mean working smart.

Just because you’re working tons of hours a day doesn’t mean you’re being efficient with your time. You still have to work hard to succeed, but if you’re not also organized and efficient, you’re just wasting time.

  • Don’t ever let little things get to you.

Do not ever be mad about something tiny and senseless issue. Don’t fight over someone just because of the things they have that you don’t own. You might win the fight, but you lose the battle. Don’t sweat the small stuff because little things don’t matter. Though I still get mad whenever there’s no food in the house. Lol

  • God always listens.

Whether it’s a small thing you’re asking, he’ll give it to you. Just always always and always believe that he can do it and as much as possible, try do not doubt him in any way possible because that’s just a silent scream that you don’t believe in him. Always pray and have faith, it’ll get better.

          And so, do not underestimate  a person about her life learnings just because she’s 16 years old. Lol, just kidding.

I’ll be having my Summer class/OJT next week so I think I’m not gonna be able to do blog posts because I’m gonna be very very busy. Hashtag summer is not real. Happy Saturday bruhs! :*


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