Why Blog?


           So, I’ve been busy the whole month (up until now) because of some requirements like projects, programs, research papers and such stress. Okaaay. Now that the second semester’s about to end (finally!) and I am not so sure that I’m gonna get through my first year, how pessimistic. So I am hopefully and hysterically praying that I’ll pass this one. And these past few weeks, I had no sleep, literally, I feel like the 8-hour sleep I had the other day wasn’t enough to catch up on the sleep I missed last week! Ganern.

I’m trying to be productive today as much as I could that’s why I am trying to make blog posts that is worth-reading. So, here you go!

           “Why blog?”—a phrase almost everyone ask me. So, I’ve decided to compose this one to tell you guys why I love blogging and why I have a blog. To tell you frankly, I already have a blog before this and unfortunately, I forgot the password so here it is! Anyways, when I made a blog, I don’t really liked it because for some reason, I find it totally boring. But like I’ve said on facebook (LOL) “People change” physically and mentally, I guess? We change decisions, we change our liking and other random stuffs. I think it’s a human nature like, whether you like it or not, your perspective changes base on what your mind tells you.

     Sooo, these are just my opinions on why you should blog. I am not trash-talking anyone’s opinion but these are my own reasons and I don’t really know if you’ll be satisfied but here it is.

There are three reasons why:

1. Expressing

          — we all know that writing’s one of the hobbies of a human being, or just for me? Ever since we had some “giving letters” portion in school, I started making those even though it’s not a requirement. I write letters to my friends every special occasion whether it’s their birthday or whatsoever, I give them letters because I think it is “more appreciative”. My friends always appreciate my letters naman but, they also ask for something like a material-kind of gift and they always remind me how kuripot I am. “Sa birthday mo, letter na lang din ibibigay namin sa’yo ha!”—how harsh right? Hahaha! Okay, so some people are called ‘introverts’ , let us first define what that word means.


    As said there above, an introvert is mostly shy—but kind of different. What I’m saying is, a blog helps you show people what you really feel that you cannot express on the outside world. I, consider myself as an introvert. I do not typically show my feelings or expressions on a person that I just met, it takes a lot of time and trust to make me feel comfortable towards a person. And so,my blog helped me say the words I’ve wanted to say and probably makes me feel satisfied all the time.

2. Boredom!

         —usually, people kill their time by just staring nowhere or sleeping and whatsoever. As for me, I waste my time on creating blog posts. Yey! Isn’t that fun?! Easy for you to say.  Well, yes. You should try it sometimes, I say. Okay, so I’m not blaming you if you think that a blog is not a perfect way to “kill time” because I myself too had a thought of that one. But who am I kidding now? I liked it and as much as possible, I use it to waste my time. T’was all worthy alright!


3. Documentation

              —blogging is an awesome and fun way to document your life. This is one of the reasons why I love to blog. And usually, I do blog posts about my life. Well, what else is there to write about? I blog about how my life’s going, my whereabouts and such.It is actually nice, sharing your experiences in life; it’s nice to share with others what you’ve gone through and what you’ve learned and noticed from a certain experience. I admit. My life is boring. But there are times where my life becomes fun and colorful like spending a week or day with my family or friends. Also, it is a great and productive way to record the experiences (through writing and posting photos) that we can look back on to reminisce.

         One more thing, blogging is also a learning experience; you learn how to write, you learn how to express yourself in so many ways you wouldn’t know you could do. And most importantly, you get to know yourself more through your own writings—and I think, that is what blogging is all about.

To sum it all up, a blog is a place where you can say something and be yourself.

So, why not try? :)


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