The Year-Ender List

It’s almost New Year! Who’s excited?! Well, I am! Can’t wait to see those fireworks and the different dishes that everyone will prepare. It has been a great year for me and my family although there were times where horrible things happened and let’s just not talk about that. Anyways, I’m just curious, you know? Why does people have to make New Year’s Resolution even though they’re just going to trash talk what they say? Well duh, all of us do that. So this “Year-Ender List” is not some kind of that one. Maybe I should call this a hopelist? Haha! Apparently, one of the reasons why I’m excited about new year is because I’m having my birthday again! That’ll maybe the most weirdest answer ever? Forgive me but that’s just how life goes on with me. Lol.

Even I, wanted to make a New Year’s Resolution promise to myself. But the fact is, I don’t want something that I will hold onto for the rest of my life and then another one when it’s a new year again. Okaaay, I’m being dramatic. Hahahaha! Well, I am just sharing you guys the things that I am hoping next year, that’s all. So, here it is. (Will probably bore you. Lol!) I’m hoping:

  • Good grades, good GPA and survive this semester.
  • Abs!!! El ow el.
  • My hair to grow faster. Missin’ it badly!
  • A great and awwzome year!
  • A reunion with the clan, how I miss those moments.
  • My friends to be happy always.
  • People to wake up that they are not beautiful. No offense dude.
  • New shoes! Shoes are life!
  • My bestfriends to be there for me. Although that will not happen most of the time.
  • New friends!
  • People’s forgiveness to people.
  • A trip to Japan, Korea and London. Huhu, as if!
  • A whole year food supply in the house.
  • People to be mature. (Well, look who’s talking!)
  • Make life more easier, specifically, make school easier!
  • Anna Graceman’s new album, please.
  • Someone to give me a “Nirvana” shirt or sweater.
  • Keds!
  • Make me fat! Well not that fat, just slightly fat. What do you call that one? Haha!

So, what I’m obviously saying is I don’t know. Lol. Been hyper since last week! Am I on drugs or something? Kidding! Well, I hope you guys will have a great celebration of New Year with your friends and family and loved ones and whoever you’ll spend the night with. Happy New Yeeeaaarrr!!!

(   (  ( ( ((( Positivity ))) ) )  )   )


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