Saturday Current Doings | II


It has been a while! LOL. Hahaha. Hello lovely ppl! It’s Saturday!! It’s my “Saturday Current Doings” portion, vol. II! Kind’a awkward to say that. Well, it’s our PNK Thanksgiving earlier and it’s gonna be our last week next week and then we’re gonna have a short vacay until New Year! And I so can’t wait to jump on New Year’s eve, haha! What a belief! Anyways, I’m starting to like this portion of mine even though it’s only just on the second volume. Meeeeh. Struggles of a bored college girl. So, the photo up there has bad quality and it took me a while to finish that. And, I’m home alone so I’m freeeeee—to be bored all day. Loooool. I’m like this today.



Tweets on my feed. Totally making me laugh so hard.


Saturday Current Doings vol. II (WHICH IS MY KILLTIME RIGHT NOW) I wanted to write different topics to post on my blog tho but seems like I’ve got an empty shell here. Useless. Empty. Brain.


our television because it’s ON even though I’m not watching at all ’cause silence gives me chills and I’m friggin’ home alone!


about why am I sharing what I am doing right now to the social world. (woo, deep.) But srsly, I guess it’s just my way of expressing myself. Hueee~



Ariana Grande’s mvs and her actually. On instagram. Babe is so gorg! UGH.


Carbonara! Oh how I wish it’s New year already, food feast it is! Hoho.


Mad for leaving me alone here and bored at the same time. I’m talking to myself! I’m insane. LOL.



Brown knee shorts and a pink flowery sleeveless top. The usual clothing whenever I’m home.


For a great performance this Monday in our P.E class. ‘Cause we’re gonna dance, and yeah, I hate dancing bcos I can’t watch myself whenever I’m doing horrible or whatsoever. I suuuuck!



This new portion on my blog—Saturday Current Doings. I know this is kind’a boring like I feel when I posted this ‘bcos of boredom. So yeah, possibly like that kind of scenario.


A camera! My photos have bad quality so I’ve been saving my allowance and it’ll probably take me years to buy and I also need an Instax since last last year!


Days to past so that it will be a new yea already. Sorry, for blabbering about New year, I’m just excited, you guys!


A new Keds shoes! Being a Swiftie fan has the struggles to buy Taylor’s things or endorsements. But, I have the urge to tell my mom that I want Keds bcos it’s Taylor’s. Haha. What a reason!


I hope you guys are having an awesome weekend! Well, haven’t been this happy bcos I know that I am blessed rn. Anways, keep smiling (*look who’s talking) and always be optimistic even though I’m opposite to those two. Lovelots guys! xx


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