Saturday Current Doings | I

It’s December! And what does that mean? Cold times! HAHAHA. It is getting a little colder only at night time. This year can you, just make it snow in Philippines~ *insert Ariana’s voice Yeeeey! I don’t really know what to post in this friggin’ blog of mine, this thing just came into my mind and voila! Just maybe because of boredomor this is kind of like The Sunday Currently link-up by siddathornton but the difference is that, this is Saturday. Hahaha, such like that. And yeah, here it is!



Far from Here-Excerpt by NicoleBaart —well yeah, I read mostly in wattpad and other online readings  because mom wouldn’t allow me to buy books ’cause she said that it’s only my “arte” but she also doesn’t want me to read on wattpad. Mom’s so …. let’s leave that part! Haha! Love you ma! :*


Saturday Current Doings I


Should’ve Been Us (by Tori Kelly)—And I am actually singing to it. Prepare for the heavy rain! Lols.


What will be my score on the major subjects this prelims. And I still have four subjects to test! *le cries


“Someone’s” instagram. It’s a little personal for you to know. Hahaha. *peace sign


For cheesecake and mango cremo! Gosh, I can’t stop myself for wanting too much sweets. Hello fat one!


Nervous for tomorrow’s presentation for our NSTP. And a little bit in a bad mood  because of sunday classes.


A white shorts and a green sleeveless top.


For higher grades and good GPA this second semester. Takes a lot.


This month’s comeback of BTS—Run. Jungkook oppa!  Fangirling mode on! =)))



A lot of sleep! Because I have morning schedules, just 7:00 am I say. Morning classes should be illegal right? Let us unite! HAHAHA.


For a good month!


A getaway with family and friends. I’ve been thinking somewhere North? Want want waaaant!


Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend! Have a spectacular December! Time flies so fast no? Fastforward to New year please? Haha. Good vibes always! xx



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