20 Facts About Me

IMG_20151118_064952.JPG Seriously, who would have thought that thinking of 20 facts about yourself could be so hard? It actually took me a week just to fill this list up! Well, this is my way for you guys to get to know me more. Enjoy! =)

  1. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been wanting to be a Fashion Designer up until now. But Mom wouldn’t let me study in far places so yeah, goodbye little dream!
  2. My favourite color is Blue.
  3. I don’t like sharing my music/ playing it out loud in public.
  4. I’m an Arianator and also a Swiftie. OMG! Ariana and Taylor! So love their songs!
  5. Countries that I love: France, Korea, Japan, London, New York, Singapore & Greece.
  6. I’m not really a sporty person. I don’t do sports cause I suck.
  7. I only know 4 chords on the guitar. I wanted to learn, but I’m okay with my learnings, I always say. Frustrated guitarist here!
  8. Sometimes, I just stare at people with no apparent reason butI don’t like people staring at me ’cause I feel embarrassed.
  9. I’m a very picky reader.
  10. I was born on May 15, 1999. And yeah, currently 16 y/o.
  11. I love the beach and the city, and also historic places.
  12. I’m either, lightweight and sensitive or a tough cookie.
  13. I also wanted to be a professional photographer someday but my skills are for newbies. XxXxXx
  14. Whenever I finished eating sweets, I always craved for sour foods. What a tongue! Hahaha.
  15. Oh look, we’ve reached my favourite number!
  16. I’m addicted to potatoes.
  17. I’m so confused whether or not I’m childish or a bit mature for my age.
  18. I LOVE to sing but the thing is, my voice is creepy. LOL.
  19. I get awkward easily.
  20. My favourite movie so far is Big Hero 6. What a kiddo! Haha!

I’m that weird, aren’t I? Forgive me. Lols. I apologize for the low quality photo. Hihi. Love you guys! xx


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