Promises and words

Do you ever wonder why people make promises? Well, I guess it’s just their way of reassuring your trust. But what if those promises were broken. And now they’re saying sorry as if nothing happened? What kind of a person is that? I believe that everyone has their reasons. But if they promised, they promised.

Trust is a big word you know? It is also a very sensitive matter for people. For example, a girl promises to her ‘bestfriend’ that she’ll wait for the right time for ‘that’ guy and her parents should know that someone is courting her. And then what? Days past, and you’ll just hear rumors that she already has a boyfriend? You shouldn’t believe in rumors but the fact that your bestfriend’s the one who told everybody that she has her forever, (which I think is a major immaturity, sorry for the word) that’s not just right.

I’m not being mean or bitter or anything else but a bloody promise is a bloody promise. Then now, she’ll just say sorry but still she has her boyfriend with her? She lied to her parents and specially to her bestfriend that has the major trust on her. So what’s my point here? My point is, we should grow up people. A promise is a big deal. Imagine having a position like that example? Oh my god, I think that’s a different story. Then the one who made promises will be mad at us instead because we’re ignoring them? Such a boo-hoo. Efforts would do, I say. It only proves that you are really sorry.

P.S I am not talking about ‘someone’. No hate. =)

P.S.S This isn’t a rant.


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